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July 28, 2015

Sharing another testimony from Jaclyn Logan about Dr. Anne’s presentation during Leslie Wright’s Ladies Night In – After in Raleigh, NC, on July 25, 2015 … What an priviledge it is to encourage and inspire …

“Anne, it was great hearing you speak the other night in Raleigh! I can’t wait to get and read your book! I myself have had some crazy and unexpected pathways! That event was the first actual event I had done with my cake/cupcake business. It has been slow coming for years with 1 or 2 every few months, but through a bunch of crazy circumstances this year, I am doing 2-4 cakes a weekend now! It is my dream to have my own shop! To know there are plenty of women out there that started out in a rough place but have made it is so encouraging! Thank you so much!!”


July 27, 2015

We are incredibly honored by Vonda Farrow’s testimony after Dr. Anne’s presentation during Leslie Wright’s Ladies Night In – After in Raleigh, NC, on July 25, 2015 … We share it here:

“I did my first vending event last night. It was a wonderful experience. I heard some gr8ness in the room @ Ladies Night In: After hosted by Leslie Wright. I received more confirmations about how I live my life in the workplace from Dr. Anne’s speech.

One of the things I want to share was the moment she discussed how these women pushed forward and lived on purpose, being unapologetically themselves, although they all had hidden scars. We work with other women and still don’t know them. Then she asked the ladies to examine their own hidden scars, and to consider moving forward to their After. After pain, after failure, and even how you handle life after success.

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June 8, 2015


Newly Released Book Examines the Career-Life Journeys of Women   

Clemmons, North Carolina, June 8, 2015: Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris AKA Dr. Anne of Clemmons is the author of the newly released book Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce. About the book, Dr. Anne asks,Do we really know the women—our colleagues, our friends, our relatives—we encounter on a daily basis? Do we know their history? Do we know their hearts? Do we make assumptions based upon our own experiences and beliefs? Or, do we simply co-exist and move through our own busy lives without knowing the richness of their stories and the lessons that they may teach us?” These were some of the questions that drew her to create Unexpected Pathways—a journey that has been ten years in the making and one that has certainly been unexpected.

Unexpected Pathways presents stories about the career pathways of twenty-three multi-generational women representing diverse occupations, experiences, and backgrounds. The stories reflect the stories of many women, expressing the intimate connection between one’s career pathway and life journey. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of determination and perseverance – courage and resilience. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of greatness and fragility – survival and victory! And in the context of the career-life journey, Unexpected Pathways shares stories of healing and love. The stories and the inspired lessons offered by the chapter authors, encourage hope and inspiration to women present and future.

About the multi-generational nature of Unexpected Pathways, author Dr. Anne writes, “True wisdom is ageless. True idealism is ageless. Idealism must not be ‘assigned’ to the young or wisdom to the old. As we create our career/life journey we must embody both idealism and wisdom. We must maintain the enthusiasm and passion of the young while embodying the conviction and perseverance of those who have paved the way for us.”

In 2005, Dr. Anne retired from the Great Valley School District, Malvern, Pennsylvania as the district’s Transition Coordinator, supporting students with disabilities and their families. She was a former Director of School Counseling for Great Valley High School and the Counseling Department Chairperson at Octorara Area High School. Over a thirty-five year career in public education, she worked in rural, urban and suburban school districts as a teacher and school counselor.

In 1990, she was named PSCA School Counselor of the Year. In 2010, Dr. Anne was given the PSCA Honorary Lifetime Achievement award and was named a National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Woman of the Year. In that same year, Anne moved from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. Immediately connecting with her community; she served as the first president of the Winston-Salem Local Chapter of NAPW. For two years, she was a member of the Board of Directors of The Queen’s Foundation, Inc., supporting young women in North Carolina. Dr. Sourbeer Morris is currently an Associate Adjunct Professor of Education at Salem College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. She collaborated on the design and curriculum development of the Salem College Online Masters of Education in School Counseling program. Her writing has been featured in publications including Career World Magazine.

For thirty years, Anne’s primary volunteerism was with the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA) for which she served in myriad capacities including as the organization’s president and newsletter editor. Dr. Anne served on the Education Foundation Board of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity and the Guidance and Counseling Advisory Committee of the Association for Career and Technical Education.

Unexpected Pathways chapter authors – The Women of Unexpected Pathways – include: Wynne Renee Brown, MD, Lac; Mittie Denise Cannon, Ed.D.; Bonnie Dawn Clark; Linda Eisenstein; Margie Florini; Winifred Quire Giddings; Kaitlyn Green; Mary Ann Hauser; Donna Martin Hinkle, Ed.D.; Angela Lynn Jackson Howard; Kelly Abeyta Jimenez; Latoya Rochae’ Johnson; Gabrielle J. Jordan; Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.; Christine A. Moore; Molly L. Nece; Clare Novak; Marviette Usher; Victoria N. Scott; Tina Ketchie Stearns; Dana Winner, Melissa W. Wittner and Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D. For more information about the chapter authors, visit: futuresinspired.com

Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce is available on Amazon.com and at: https://www.createspace.com/5194061

June 7, 2015

Futures Inspired … Inspiring Futures!

“Create Futures by Inspiring Futures!”

Inspirations and Introspections

Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D.

Volume 1 – June 2015

Futures Inspired.Newsletter.June 2015

May 31, 2015

Unexpected Pathways Book Launch: Press Release

May 2015

UP Press Release May 2015. AnneSourbeerMorris EdD. Book Launch


Responses from Women About Their Unexpected Pathways and the Unexpected Pathways Project!

“Yes, it is! I did not know what life coaching was exactly 5 years ago, but had I; I would have become a certified coach a long time ago. I have had so many experiences from an MS in nutrition, to being a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, to working in conflict resolution, and doing editorial work. So much of what I contributed in each situation had the essence and energy of life coaching, but it took me a few years and lots of self-love and inner quiet to really understand my life purpose and to align my professional and personal actions with it. My career path has been exciting and most definitely, unexpected!! I am interested in this project!” 2012

“My career path hasn’t been as unexpected but it certainly has had some unexpected (and pleasant) surprises. I’ve known for a long time what I want to do – it’s just been difficult getting there and I’m not there yet. As for the pleasant unexpectedness, I was freelancing in Greece and started working with a team of journalists, transcribing their interviews. That led to a job that took me to Egypt and Lebanon interviewing top level government officials and corporate leaders. It was great!” 2012

“I never invisioned that I would be teaching life skills to children.  Now I don’t know what I would have done if my life hadn’t taken this turn and I found teaching and helping children to be my passion.” 2013

“Initially, I anticipated being a school counselor and upon completion of my doctoral degree, a counselor educator. Currently, I am the Chief Operations Officer for a large nonprofit organization. I did not anticipate serving in this capacity.” 2013

“I started out in the 90s with an associate’s degree on architectural drafting.  Now, I manage the implementation and maintenance of the engineering design software at a mid-size engineering firm. In May of this year I will graduate with a master’s degree in instructional design and performance technology.” 2013

“Thank you for your interest and welfare to women.” 2012