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The Legacy of Six

The Legacy of Six, written by Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D., first appeared as a chapter in Volume 1 of Sunshine Sisters: A Celebration of Legacies (2010) compiled by Molly Nece of Legacy Producers ( The chapter, The Legacy of Six, will soon evolve into a book examining the attributes of the women who inspired


The Legacy of Six:

My Great Grandmother, Beulah (Gammy): DETERMINATION

My Grandmother, Anna: GRACE

My Mother, Patricia:  INTELLECT


My Daughter, Ami: PERSEVERANCE

My Granddaughter, Cadence: WONDER


Readers of The Legacy of Six will consider the following strategies:

  1. Determination:  Be determined, bur be wise. Consider actions and the consequences of actions. Follow your passions. Let good decisions guide you.
  2. Grace: As you journey through life, live with grace. Support and care for others. Consider how you wish to be viewed in the world and act accordingly.
  3. Intellect: Demonstrate your abilities. Assess your strengths and use them to your advantage – at home, at work, and in your personal life.
  4. Inspiration:  Be inspired by life and those around you. When inspired, take action, but always act with integrity. Be proud of the person you see in the mirror. Be proud of you!
  5. Perseverance: Be inspired. Set your goal and go for it!  Work hard, and never, never, never give up! Do what it takes to make your dream a reality. Do it with determination, grace, and intellect.
  6. Wonder: Thrive in the world around you. Create positive visions of your future and be grateful for that which you have been given.
  7. Draw upon the gifts offered you … the legacies of the past. Bask in the wonder of the world and express gratitude. Survive, thrive, and prevail with dignity and grace over the challenges in the present. Use your intellect wisely.  Be inspired by the present. Inspire generations to come?  Love and be well, my friends!

More about The Legacy of Six


The Legacy of Six is dedicated to the generations of women who inspired and those who will inspire … Beulah, Anna, Patricia, Ami, and Cadence.  The upcoming book is also dedicated to my daughter Jessica, grandsons Hunter and John and to sweet Anna, born in 2016. And … to the generations to follow.

My Most Memorable Sunshine Moment

“I can see her”, said my great grandmother, as I brought her great granddaughter Ami, only days old, into the hospital room. Gammy had waited weeks for that moment.   Five generations of strong women crowded into the room joining us in celebration of new life and a life well lived.  Gammy was blind.  She died within the week of “seeing” Ami.  Gammy’s legacy – determination – lives within us all.

Sunshine Quote

Create generational legacies:  Garner inspirations from the past … Live those inspirations in the present … Inspire the future!  Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D.

What we have learned from other becomes our own reflection.
Ralph Waldo Emerson