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The Journeys of Women in the Workforce

Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D. – Published in 2015



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Wynne Brown, M.D. LAc

The Original Medicine Institute for the Healing Arts is a 501 c 3 educational not-for-profit organization that offers ways of healing in partnership with the earth. We provide workshops and partner with organizations to create change so that individuals and groups can achieve their highest potential. Nature is a powerful force that can help us all to heal and help us to learn how to be in right relationship with each other. For centuries, man has tried to control Nature. No different than “owning” other human beings, the continued process of engaging with Nature by “owning” and controlling parts of her has backfired. Nature is always moving toward balance. Each time one of us tries to manipulate any aspect of Nature, whether it is drilling for gas or putting chemicals on your lawn, Nature will respond. It is a law of physics that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Simply put, we cannot intend to exterminate aspects of Nature, such as insects or animals, without harming ourselves.

How can we be more responsible, more mindful and more careful? We can do it simply by engaging Nature in the decision-making process. Nature has language just as we do. People have been communicating with animals, plants, insects, rocks, crystals… for eons. So why not ask Nature before digging that hole, spraying the yard, or killing those yellow jackets? Why not learn the language and take positive strides to work with Nature and support your own health in the process? If you are interested in learning more about how you can have more joy while learning to be healthy, how to grow and prepare delicious organic foods, and how to experience the sacredness of life through distance healing or retreats, visit our website.

The Original Medicine Institute for the Healing Arts

 Integrative Physician and Non-Profit Director


Mittie D. Cannon, Ed.D.

©Justin Poland

The construction industry needs women and women need opportunity; therefore I encourage women to explore careers in construction. Education is the key to any career and learning of the various options will frame the foundation for your growth. Secondly, you must have a positive mindset and a desire to grow in an industry that is driven by global demands. Thirdly, you must choose a firm that values the talent of its people and that has a culture that fosters professional growth. I am privileged to work at a construction company, Robins & Morton, where women are in management roles and are recognized as experts in their fields.

 In addition to my role as Director of Workforce Development, leadership at Robins & Morton provide me challenges in business development as well as marketing. I am mentored and encouraged to learn other aspects of the business and asked to assist with making important decisions about the organization. Interfacing with clients and representing the company at major industry events are also duties that I gladly perform. These endeavors are possible because the leadership of Robins & Morton extends to its people growth opportunities to reach their personal potential and career goals, rewards for their performance and a healthy climate for work and family.

Director of Workforce Development

Power and Industrial Industry

 Bonnie Clark

Bonnie Dawn Clark

My Mission is to inspire, uplift, and empower people to create the life of their dreams enthused with joy, love, and passion.  It costs no more to dream big than it does to dream small, in fact, dreaming small is extremely expensive.  I aspire to be an aggravational speaker who makes being comfortable in the delusion of security and predictability no longer an option.  I want to wake   up people to the fact that the United States of America is still the land of opportunity.  This great nation was not founded by people who crossed the Atlantic Ocean, risking their lives and letting go of all that was familiar and known, in order to get a good job with benefits.   Our nation was developed by risk takers and adventurers who risked everything to create a life where people could be free!   It is time to begin dreaming big and realizing your dreams!  You     are so much more powerful than you know!





Linda Eisenstine

I am known in my fashion circle as Linda Your BFF.  As Your Befitting Fashion Finder, my purpose in life is to create the perfect outfit for every woman’s individual body type and style. I started fulfilling my dream 5 years ago with Currently I am working on a plan to help many more women around the world, by offering packages consisting of clothing and accessories along with some neat surprises, all starting with a fun little questionnaire. We will have pictures for the visually enhanced, and if your gift is auditory, just call me and I will read it to you!

I am a supporter of the average woman who has experienced at least 2 body types in her life; I have a personal record of 3 myself. The fact is, none of us are made from a mold and my sometimes size 8 and sometimes size 10(smaller on the top and bigger on the bottom) body just might not look as cute in that dress I must have, that is being shown on the size zero model. If you experience a similar dilemma when you enter the womens department, please meet my newest baby at www.ClothesBefitting.TV, due on Jan. 1st of 2015.  It will be full of tools that will help you to look and feel as Beautiful as you really are. As you can see, I’m all about having Fun with Fashion. Come join with me as we revamp the fashion world with Beautiful Clothing for All Bodies!

 Linda Eisenstein

Owner of Clothes Befitting and www.ClothesBefitting.TV

 Margie Florini

Margie Florini

I am an artist and illustrator, Margie Florini, and enjoy my life of creation. My paintings have touched many lives in a multitude of ways: some clients respond to a painting’s complex layers of paint in a riot of color and texture, while other folks feel a quiet moment in time with it’s simple design.  For this, I am forever grateful.  My clients and colleagues make my life full with new relationships to each other and my art.  For this, I am rich.  My paintings make me happy.  For this, I hope to make life more colorful and inspire others to do the same.

Artist and Illustrator


Fine Arts and Publishing


kaitlynIMG_0701 (3)

Kaitlyn Green 

The Piedmont Club is the social and business hub of the triad. We are the only venue with skyline views of Downtown Winston Salem. The Piedmont Club is a part of ClubCorp a World Wide network of Private Clubs offering the highest level of services in extraordinary properties.

Kaitlyn Green, Private Events Director



 Winifred Quire Giddings, M.A., C.P.C.

I am Winifred Quire Giddings, affectionately called “Winnie” by my family, friends, and clients alike.  As an Empowerment Coach I currently coach women professionals — executives and entrepreneurs who seek more meaningful success to succeed in their work, family, and personal lives. I am a trained Certified Professional Coach through Fowler Wainwright Institute for Professional Coaches and other institutions who specialized in personal growth, relationship and lifestyle changes. My business model is “Staying True to Oneself and knowing their values and what’s important to them”.  My coaching services and programs focus on “Total Transformation”: Women being committed to their constant and never ending discovery of their personal power.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Life Education from Spring Arbor College and a Masters in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Ashland Theological seminary. I attained my license in Counseling, and am also trained professional therapist with substantial experience working one-on-one with individuals; groups and managed several teams in the mental health services field. I have worked extensively with families, school teachers, counselors, institutions, organizations in the areas of conflict management, relationships, and communication skills needed after life traumas.  For more information, visit  To connect with Winnie call (336) 278-1271, email

Certified Professional Coach

Founder and President of  Matters, LLC

 LENOVO-PC - 0907-Merz-571

Mary Ann Hauser

A business coach can help you see the forest for the trees, make you focus on the game and your long-term strategies, run more “laps” while making each round easier and more efficient and give you small pointers based on years of experience. But these are focused on things you have to DO to get the results you want. Before we dive into any of the things any client want to achieve, we focus on who you need to BE to accomplish your goals. You see, BE x DO = HAVE.

Once clear on the goals we apply a simple and systemized approach to business that has benefited business owners around the world with more time, better teams within their companies, and most importantly – more money.

With a Mission of: World Abundance through Business Re-Education, clients are more profitable and along with that growth, can hire more people, pay better wages and make a positive difference in their communities. If you want your business to thrive talk to Coach Mary Ann.

Serendipity Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

1122 Brookstown Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Donna Martin Hinkle, Ed.D.

I founded to give totally transparent, honest, and complete professional advice and hands-on help to Parents who are making Child Care and Preschool decisions, because no one else does! I advise and advocate for Parents, for Child Care and Preschool Directors, and for Employers whose valued employees rely on Child Care and Preschool.  I go for Parents or with Parents to conduct professional observations of Child Care and Preschool programs.  My free e-books, Child Care Decision: Three Things to Look For (one for infants and one for toddlers and preschoolers) and other information are at  Please join me in Donna’s PickyParents group on Facebook.

 Dr. Donna Martin Hinkle, Founder,

Child and Youth Programs, Parenting, and Education


Angela Howard The FatFighter

Angela Howard

Angela believes in what she does and in the causes she represents. One of Angela’s catch phrases is, “The proof is in the pudding” and ladies and gentleman I am here to tell you that she means it. Angela is the real “Queen of the Lean & Green” helping her clients put every element together to achieve optimal health. Since there is no one key to weight loss, Angela will help you find the right combination of foods, fitness and motivation.

Angela Howard, C.N.A. II

Certified Nutrition Coach




Kelly Abeyta Jimenez

My story is written to offer inspiration to women of all ages.  Never give up on your dreams, yourself or your children.  You cannot control other people’s actions. You cannot make someone do something that you want them to.  All that you can do is be responsible for yourself; be aware of your surroundings, protect yourself, and respect yourself as a woman.  Women are strong, but we are often so busy that we forget to stop and have some fun. Laugh – laugh a lot! Always take time out for yourself, find what puts you in your “happy place.” Whether you read a book or watch a movie – create quite time for just you. And never forget to love yourself. You and I deserve to be happy. You and I deserve to be loved.



Latoya Rochae’ Johnson

Rochae’ Life Coaching proudly serves the Greensboro and Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. We offer innovative seminars in the areas of character building, goal setting and Kidney awareness, women and youth empowerment. Our seminars are hand crafted to fit our audience. The time and creativity to prepare for each seminar is motivated by love and a genuine interest to see positive change in the area you choose.




Gabrielle J. Jordan

It is my dream to be an great engineer and I always tell myself “Leave no dream behind”. If I am faced with an opportunity of a lifetime then I want to make the best of it that I can. I believe ‘NOW’ stands for No Opportunities Wasted and I’m constantly stepping up to the plate. I know were I am NOW is temporary and I may not have had a great start after graduating college but I know I can have a great finish. I’m a diligent, hard working, young, innovative, awesome engineer with a desire to learn and keep improving myself. I have what it takes to push through till I get to where I want to be. I believe I will get out of life, not what I want but what I earned and worked hard for. Again I am a great engineer with passion for all things engineering. I know I will do well because I have a vision that makes my dreams happen before they happened.

Construction Industry



Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.

My story is of how my careers have changed, my life has expanded and new opportunities have continued to open up for over 40 years. There were times when I felt I had no choice and times when I had many. Life has its own ideas of what is good for us even when we can’t see it. Just keep moving forward and you will be rewarded.

I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book Bedtime Stories for Grownups scheduled for publication in 2015.  Information about the book project is available at my website!

Montana State University faculty

Montana Woman magazine contributing author


Christine A. Moore

M & M Meetings and Event partners with clients to coordinate and execute the “Right” event to connect or reconnect with clients, prospects and employees. We believe in order to effectively execute and event, it is imperative to take the time to understand our client’s business as well as their clients. At M & M Meetings and Event Planning, we have more than 20 years of combined experience in client services, meeting planning, logistics, strategic planning, and on-site management, bred with a unique skill set to complete events with military precision. We believe all activities should align with the mission and vision of an organization, so we take the time to understand our clients’ business as well as their clients. Meeting planning is not just about finding the right venue or caterer, it’s a discipline which can be the marketing extension of any organization, and the third party vehicle to bring the right people together. We are connectors!

Christine A. Moore, Co-owner M & M Meetings

Corporate Event Planning


molly red head shot

Molly L. Nece

My life’s motto is to “make a difference by being the difference.” As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve been lucky enough to create a life that enables me to live my passions on a daily basis and help others do the same. Depending on my clients’ needs, I enjoy wearing multiple hats—author, publisher, motivating speaker, experiential trainer, instructional designer, coach, mediator, consultant, and lifelong learner. Over the past 20 years, I have thoroughly enjoyed giving traditional classroom training a face lift. The learning experiences I design and deliver positively stick in everyone’s minds and hearts—morale increases, cultures transform, and organizations grow.  What makes my approach different?

Specifically, the Nece Group offers people in businesses, churches, and universities across the nation the opportunity to engage in one of four unique learning experiences—The Pirate Leadership Institute, The Soar Factors Workshop, Links of Success Women’s Golf Program, or Paint Your Future One Word Seminar. Participants not only leave equipped with new knowledge, stronger relationships, and an action plan, but they leave confidently optimistic that a positive transformation has begun to take hold in their work and life.

The Nece Group

CEO, transformational speaker, life coach, and business consultant

Training and organizational development, 



Clare Novak

Be in the 20 percent who accomplish 80 percent of the good in the world. The gift you have will fit a need in this world.  When you find and fill the need everything falls into place. Trust yourself. Choose advisors and  friends who love you enough to tell you the truth as they see it. Weigh the feedback, make your decision and then accept the consequences be they intended, unintended, fantastic, awful or sheer drudgery. Regardless of what happens in the short term, be true to yourself.  Short term failures may be long term gifts; be patient.

Clare Novak, President

Novak and Associates

 HB116-1.Victoria Use

Victoria N. Scott

I help my clients in three ways: I help you define yourself, I help you save time, and I help you save money.

 Owner, VNS Transformations

Beauty and Fashion


Go Free Color.Tina

Tina Ketchie Stearns

So long thongs!  Experience a new level of comfort and feel sexy too while enjoying our fabulous fit and timeless classic styles!  Go Free Pants has replaced the uncomfortable cross seam in traditional pants with a smooth cotton panel sewn directly into the pant, making undergarments optional.  If you choose to wear an undergarment, this pant is extremely comfortable because the cross seam is gone. BUT if you choose not to wear an undergarment, you are not only comfortable but you have solved the panty line problem and will enjoy a wonderful sexy feeling at any age or shape.  After you try Go Free Pants, you will wonder why women’s pants weren’t always made this way! 

 President/Inventor, GoFree® Pants

 Industry – Fashion



Lady Usher

Marviette Jefferson Usher

Marviette’s desire to become an entrepreneur came to fruition in 1998 when she became an independent computer programming consultant. Marviette is currently providing software development services to Chevron Corporation, in Houston, Texas. Marviette established EBD Fortunes, LLC, expanding the venture in 2001, with the addition of a “Fashion De-sign & Clientele Shopping Division.” The expanded company allows Marviette to not only “de-sign”; but, allows her to help others define and enhance their own unique fashion statement.  Marviette is also an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, pursuing the top position of National Sales Director.

Independent Computer Programming/Software Development Consultant

President, EBD Fortunes, LLC

Dana headshot.Best

Dana Winner

Author of “Hardware, Software; Womenware”, a memoir covering 55 years of commercial computing, Dana Winner’s multi-disciplinary career spans 40 years of Knowledge and Information Management in government, commercial and not-for-profit organizations. Since 1972 she has designed and implemented IT systems in London, for the US Federal Government, United Nations and Middle East governments, such as Kuwait, Dubai and Iraq, as well as for the private sector. Domains that she has implemented IT systems to support include eGov, eHealth, eBiz and Security Information Systems. She was also a pioneer of Contemporary Christian Music in the 60’s and 70’s. She brings artistic skills, cultural insight and spiritual energy to every endeavor. She is able to inspire acceptance of change in harmony with business process and technical management.

President, Knowledge and Information Management



Melissa W. Wittner

Growing up as a young female is not easy no matter what decade you review.  Times have gotten somewhat easier for women, but the same assumptions continue to get made when it comes to the hard sciences and math careers.  In turn, the same battles must be fought by women over and over again to succeed and get ahead in industries that are heavily weighted to these career paths.  We need to continue to encourage young women to enter Information Technology, to fill the open positions we have in our domestic work force and provide good opportunities for women to succeed.

Vice President, Information Technology

Software Services


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Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed. D.

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