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“Create Futures by Inspiring Futures!”  Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris


Dr. Anne believes that all students have an immeasurable capacity to learn and to grow. In fact, students want to learn … Sometimes, they simply do not have a clue about how to learn nor do they truly understand what is expected of them, so … they act out, shut down, or simply do not show up. These students feel hopeless and may lack the tools, the background, or the support necessary to navigate the world of education.  Therefore, doors are closed to them and critical knowledge is unintentionally withheld.  As educators, we must discover ways to open closed doors and to introduce our students to the world of knowledge and the opportunity for a limitless future.  As educators we must create futures by inspiring futures! We must assure that our students’ futures are inspired and hopeful.  But how?


“Teach each one – reach each one!”  Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris


Dr. Anne believes that creating a safe, respectful, disciplined learning environment results in building trusting relationships that open the doors to understanding and knowledge. Dr. Anne believes that creating a classroom where consistency and dignity are emphasized, lays the foundation for learning for all students; offering hope and inspiration. Dr. Anne is committed to supporting educators in their quest to teach and reach each student.

Dr. Anne understands that today’s educators are under incredible pressure to assure that students demonstrate annual growth – that they learn and articulate knowledge.  This is a daunting task, as educators engage students from diverse backgrounds, educational experiences, and learning differences.  Dr. Anne understands that each year, more and more responsibility is placed on educators to implement projects and programs and to engage in activities beyond the scope of their academic responsibilities. And … Dr. Anne understands the perennial challenge of classroom management.  Time is being taken away from the business of teaching and learning … How may we recover classroom time?  When is there time to teach?  The time to teach is NOW!  Dr. Anne helps educators to discover the time to teach and to regain power in the classroom.


“Believe in the Power of YOU!”  Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris


Dr. Anne is confident that educators can gain more time to teach and more time to engage students as they learn and grow. Dr. Anne believes Time to Teach methodologies and management systems offer educators valuable tools to create optimal learning environments and to facilitate success. Dr. Anne provides each educator with tools that expand her or his capacity to reach each child and regain her or his power in the classroom to teach and reach each child.  Dr. Anne helps each educator to believe in their power inspire students to grow and to learn!


About Dr. Anne


Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D. (AKA Dr. Anne), is the Managing Member of A. Morris Consulting, LLC (acting as Futures Inspired), specializing in educational and career development. Dr. Anne served the Great Valley School District as the Director of School Counseling and Transition Coordinator. Over her 35 year career in public education, Dr. Anne worked in rural, urban, and suburban schools including in the Octorara Area School District, Chester Upland School District, and Central Dauphin East School District, in Pennsylvania. Upon her retirement, she served as an educational consultant for the Chester County Intermediate Unit, supporting students pursuing nontraditional career pathways; and for the Chester County Economic Development Council where she served a high priority industry partnership project manager, connecting education, business and industry and coordinating student programs including G.E.T.T. – Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology, Techies Day, Tech Trek, and B.I.G. – Business, Industry and Girls!

For thirty years, Dr. Anne served the Governing Board of the Pennsylvania School Counselor’s Association. She supported PSCA in myriad capacities including as the Association’s president. Dr. Anne also served on the Education Foundation Board of the National Association for Partnerships in Equity and on the Guidance and Counseling Advisory Committee for Association for Career and Technical Education. Since moving to North Carolina in 2010, Dr. Anne has continued her leadership, servings as the first president of the Winston-Salem Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women and as a member of the Board of The Queen’s Foundation. She is currently and Adjunct Professor of Education for the Salem College, Online Masters in School Counseling Program.  Dr. Anne collaborated on the development and curriculum design of the program. In 2015, Dr. Anne served as a Middle School Testing Coordinator in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School District.

Over the years, Dr. Anne contributed to educational publications including Career World Magazine and served as the editor of The Pennsylvania School Counselor.  She published Technical Times for the Chester County Intermediate Unit and CHOICE, the Great Valley High School Counseling Department Newsletter.  In 2015, Dr. Anne published her first book – Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce. Unexpected Pathways presents stories about the career pathways of twenty-three multi-generational women representing diverse occupations, experiences, and backgrounds. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of determination and perseverance – courage and resilience. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of greatness and fragility – survival and victory!

Dr. Anne In the News


Dr. Anne’s Advice Was Featured in The  2014 and 2016 Woman’s Advantage Calendars

We are excited that Dr. Anne’s advice was chosen from over 5,000 submissions to be featured in The 2014 Woman’s Advantage Shared Wisdom Calendar. Her quote is one of 365 selected—one for each day of the year—and will be featured on Wednesday, December 24, 2013.  The quote is “Create Futures by Inspiring Futures.” Find out more about this unique calendar at www.WomansAdvantage.biz/calendar

On December 12, 2016, Dr. Anne’w 2016 wisdom was:

“Evidence of your having lived remains in every life you touch.”


Kudos for Dr. Anne


Dr. Anne addressed the Empowering Women’s group at INMAR, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in an address titled “Unexpected Pathways: Be Inspired!” on September 20, 2013.

… All of us are greatly indebted to Anne who masterfully created and crunched the data from the 2013 Member’s Survey on which our division’s future direction is set. The document is priceless, as is Anne, who has had an amazing career … Thank you for taking on the task of gifting our members with the much needed survey results. Your work will be our legacy in the years ahead. Thank you, Anne, for coming into our lives, for being the epitome of a professional, and for your rich contributions to ACTE, the Guidance and Career Development Committee, and our profession. Dr. Ray Davis, ACTE Guidance and Career Development Policy Committee President, November 2013.

… I appreciate all that you have done for the NAPE Education Foundation. Your service as a board member has been during a significant period of growth where you have played a critical role in setting direction for the future of the organization. I know I speak for both staff and the entire board when I thank you for your service. I hope that as you continue to advocate for educational excellence, you will call upon us when an opportunity for us to help your efforts comes along. Mimi Lufkin, Chief Executive Officer, National Association for Partnerships in Equity, November 2013

Anne, I just wanted the opportunity to thank you for your fine work as it relates to the Youth Council, ITAG, including all of the other initiatives that you have been involved in over the past several months. You certainly have contributed greatly to the mission of our department and our Workforce Investment Board. It’s nice to know that we have someone that we can count on! Your hard work and commitment is unparalleled! Walter Urban, Jr., Deputy Director Chester County Department of Community Development

Anne worked as Director of our Innovative Technology Action Group (ITAG). As director, Anne was responsible for facilitating a variety of board and subcommittee meetings around assessing the needs of our partnering companies and in working with colleagues to design and implement initiatives to meet those needs.  Anne was especially effective in working with our educators from elementary school through college in preparing students for the realities of the workplace. She routinely interfaced with instructors, curriculum supervisors, and guidance/counseling personnel on updating curriculum and career development programs making sure that they aligned with the needs of business and industry. Marybeth DiVincenzo, V.P. Grant Management and Workforce Development, Chester County Economic Development Council.

PDI attendees expressed that they found your workshop “A review of Doctoral Research: Exploring Career and Technical Educator Attitudes: The Participation of Girls in Nontraditional Programs” constructive and informative, and they appreciated your expertise.  Your enthusiasm to engage your audience in meaningful discussion contributed to a professionally enriching experience for the workshop participants. Mimi Lufkin, Chief Executive Officer, National Association for Partnerships in Equity

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