Chapter Author’s Bio

The Journeys of Women in the Workforce

Anne Sourbeer Morris, Ed.D. – Published in 2015

Wynne Renee Brown, MD, LAc

Head shots

Wynne R. E. Brown was born and raised in Winston-Salem, N.C. She is the mother of two sons and currently lives and works in the area where she grew up. As an integrative medicine physician, she is Director of Student Health Services at the Winston-Salem State University Student Wellness Center. She volunteers at the university garden and also at the Children’s Home garden where food is harvested for the regional food bank.

As a graduate student in Food Policy and as a leader in the Original Medicine Institute for the Healing Arts, she is a speaker, offers retreats, and teaches people how to grow food organically in cooperation with Nature. She is an environmentalist and shares her passion about the ethical treatment of animals, insects, birds, and plants with her partner of 19 years. Together they are part of a growing community of healers and are active in education and service through the non-profit organization they co-founded.

Mittie D. Cannon, Ed.D.


Mittie Cannon is the director of Workforce Development for Robins & Morton, one of the top 100 building contractors in America. She has been recognized as one of Birmingham’s Top Business Women, inducted as Who’s Who in Black Alabama, and has received accolades as a business leader. Mittie serves on the Board of Directors for SkillsAlabama, as Chair of the Advisory Council for the Career & Technical Education of the Alabama Department of Youth Services, Chair of ABC National Workforce Programs & Initiatives Committee and Chair of the NCCER Workforce Development Council & Assessment Council. She has been profiled in The Cornerstone Magazine, and made a guest appearance on National Public Radio with David Brancaccio, host of Marketplace Morning Report and Co-founder of CraftTrain.

A former construction worker in the electrical trade, Mittie received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from University of Phoenix, with a specialization in curriculum and instruction. Her dissertation addressed the topic “Exploring Reasons Women Choose to Pursue Entry-level Construction Trades Employment.” Among many accomplishments, Mittie recruited and mentored the first woman welder in the history of the ABC National Craft Championships to take top honors in welding.

Bonnie Dawn Clark

Bonnie Clark

I have a B.A. in Sociology, with minors in Psychology and Women’s Studies from UNC-Greensboro and committed civil disobedience by trespassing at the AGNS Nuclear Waste Recycling Plant in Barnwell S.C in 1978.  I have a MSEd from Old Dominion University and a MA in Counseling from NCCU.  I served as a U.S. Naval Officer and testified before Congress about sexual harassment.  I was featured in Randy Schilts’ book “Conduct Unbecoming” and narrated a documentary about LGBT service members.  After being a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in trauma recovery for women for  over 7 years I went on sabbatical.  I discovered accidentally that I am effective in sales because I listen well and truly want to help.  From that discovery I became an entrepreneur and have enjoyed success in my business until losing almost everything when the real estate bubble burst.  I am currently an entrepreneur, writer and trainer.

Linda Eisenstein


They say what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. It wasn’t until Linda Eisenstein lost her daughter Chrissy in a tragic car accident five years ago, that she realized the meaning of this quote. Chrissy was a genuine free spirit who wasn’t held down and molded into something that she didn’t want to be. For her, every day was an adventure.

Linda began honoring her daughter’s legacy by enjoying every moment of her life, just being herself. She took a deep look inside her heart. What she found was a giant hole that she decided to fill with her passion for fashion. Fashion had always remained foremost in Linda’s Dreams. So gladly, she put on her big girls shoes (she really loves shoes) and started her own fashion business, called Clothes Befitting, where she partners with women from around the world to help them find trendy fashions that are just right for their very own body type and style. Linda gets up each morning with a smile on her face and a heart full of wonder for her next adventure. Because … 5 years ago, SHE had a Dream. “When you look and feel your best, you ARE on the road to success.” Linda Eisenstein ♥ Your BFF

Margie Florini

Margie Florini

Margie Florini (Margaret Mary Florini) is grateful for so many unique opportunities that have made it possible for her to develop a successful art and illustration business she calls Florini Fine Arts. Her career as a fine artist has spanned more than twenty-five years as a professional, selling artworks and working with individual clients, corporations and designers. During twelve of those years, Florini worked to build a studio/gallery with two talented women and this became a place to inspire, encourage and showcase talents of other creative women.

Margie Florini’s current projects include two more children’s books, a marketing plan for a companion educational craft, and a new series of large, expressionist acrylic paintings. She also enjoys gardening and remodeling homes while she paints and lives on Boston’s North Shore with her dear husband and friend, Joe Randazzo (who she met in conducting class at U Mass at Lowell), and their sweet puppy, Miss Cally.

Kaitlyn Green

kaitlynIMG_0701 (3)

I was raised in the northern part of North Carolina. I have a well-balanced mind set of creative, structure and sales. I am 27 years old and I am not afraid of a little hard work or to get my hands dirty. I studied Culinary Arts in High School. I won several scholarships through competitions, but after a few internships and working in kitchens, I decided I always wanted to be apart of planning the event so I changed my major to Sports Entertainment Event Management with a Minor in Food and Beverage. I attend Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte as one of the first class on Campus.  I climbed my way from event staff, to event coordinator to account executive in all areas of the event industry. In 2009, I graduated and got married to Brian, the man of my dreams in the same year.  In 2013, I became the mother of a sweet little girl Isabella Noel.

Winifred Quire Giddings


Winnie, as she is affectionately called by her friends and colleagues, teaches women to love themselves and to create and to embrace their lives with no apology.  Though she comes from Liberia, her story is that of women all over the world. Her passion is to help women of diverse cultures find ways to live authentic and fulfilling lives.  Winnie is the founder and president of Perception Matters, a personal development company based in Winston-Salem, NC.

I was born in Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa to a family with a loving father, mother, and 7 siblings,  As a child, I had an insatiable curiosity.  I did not play much, but always enjoyed learning.  Before I could read I was enamored with books.  I also enjoyed dancing from the earliest times I can remember. It gave my soul wings. In school I had many friends, was congenial, but did not follow a crowd, I attended continued the University of Liberia in Monrovia, Liberia and continued by studies in the United States.  I studied Clinical Pastoral Counseling and have worked as a therapist and administrator and in the mental health field for over 20 years.  Currently I work as a life coach and help women and girls achieve their dreams. I am a single, divorced mother with a 20 year son, Joel Erick Giddings and reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Mary Ann Hauser

LENOVO-PC - 0907-Merz-571

Everybody needs a little guidance. Since early in her career Mary Ann found herself mentoring and helping others along their career path. Today she continues that passion as the owner of a business coaching firm located in Winston-Salem, NC. She is an award winning coach, and along with her partner and team, have worked with hundreds of businesses in the North Carolina Triad by showing owners and corporate leaders how to get more time, better teams in their companies and more money on their bottom-line, with a guarantee to get results. She has worked with small companies and larger corporations, and her guidance applies to both because the principles of business apply to all. Planning is an integral success principle, but success isn’t about luck it’s about staying a course and readjusting when the winds blow you off course.

Mary Ann started her career in administrative roles, but quickly knew she wanted more, she worked her way up and by her early 20s was a National Account Manager with Olin Corporation in Stanford, CT. But she found her passion for marketing while working in the Pharmaceutical industry, in New Jersey. It was Pharma that brought her to North Carolina and for over 10 years, Mary Ann traveled the world, launching brands and working to improve patient’s quality of life. Mary Ann accomplished a lot by her mid-40s but there was something missing, so she decided to reveal that she did not have a college education and she went back to school. At age 48 she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Marketing and continues to love to learn. As a business coach, Mary Ann ( preaches to her clients, read at least ten pages a night and in one year you will be a different person!

When not helping businesses grow, Mary Ann is on her farm where she is focused on a different kind of growth. She and her husband Kurt own a small farm in the Virginia Highlands ( where they cultivate Black Perigord Truffles, a gourmet mushroom typically grown in France. They have a small vermicomposting production facility, vermicompost is the best organic fertilizer available and they use it in their own garden, sell it to others who want an organic fertilizer alternative, and are happy to teach others what they know about vermicomposting and healthy soil.

Donna Martin Hinkle, Ed.D.


Donna Lee Martin inherited her dad’s intelligence and curly hair and her mom’s sense of humor. She started her child care career when she was six, taking care of her sister while Chester and Dorothy Jane Martin worked in the fields.  The first in her extended family to attend college, she earned two bachelors, a master’s and a doctorate degree.  After a long early childhood education career, she started to continue making the world a better place for children.

Angela Howard

Angela Howard The FatFighter

Angela Howard is a certified nurse whose passion is for healthy living.  With a primary focus on creating harmony between the mind, body and spirit, Angela uses her skills in the medical field along with her own personal journey of successful weight loss to guide her clients to a better quality of life.  By providing programs, meal plans, cooking demonstrations, fitness options, personal and emotional support, Angela supplies her clients with every tool necessary to achieve their personal goals.  Individuals, community groups and churches are all embraced by Angela. There is no one key to the weight loss journey – success comes from a blend of healthy living practices customized for each individual.

Angela is a proud member of Business Networking International, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, The Piedmont Club, ITEX, Great Trade Exchange, Tradebank, Professional Women’s Networking and Toastmaster’s International. Angela has held leadership positions in most of these organizations; however she is most proud of being named Woman of the Year, by her congregation at Pearson Memorial AME church in High Point, North Carolina.

Angela’s medical training took place at the HealthCare Training Center, in High Point. She is a Med Tech. She is also a member of the American Nutrition Association. Her late husband, Rev. Melvin Howard, Sr. died from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to her husband, she also has a son waiting for her in heaven, Melvin Amos Howard.

Kelly Abeyta Jimenez


My mother left our family when I was six years old. I was brought up by my father who worked two jobs to support me, my older sister, and younger brother. From an early age, I learned about work ethic and what I needed to do to support a family. When you grow up you don’t expect to get pregnant your senior year in high school, but it happened to me.  You would also hope that the person you are with would value your love, be faithful and not verbally, mentally and physically hurt you or your child, as was my experience. Sometimes you think that all the bad seem to gravitate in your direction. At one point, I literally wanted to give up on life.  But I looked at my daughter and thought, “How can I give up and leave her alone in this world? My daughter needs me. My daughter is my future.” Ultimately, through hard work, honesty and a positive attitude I made it through – I created a life. I learned that you can survive anything and accomplish everything that you want. I had faith.

Latoya Rochae’ Johnson


Latoya Rochae’ Johnson, was born in Florence, SC but grew up in Charlotte, NC.  She currently resides in Greensboro, NC. Latoya received a BS degree in Graphic Communications and Technical Studies from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.  Latoya is a Certified Life coach. She received her certification from Genesis Life Coaching Institute in Greenbelt, MD, in 2010. Her area of expertise is youth and women empowerment, business consulting and event planning. Her passion is to empower our youth with the tools they need to make a positive impact and create change in the world, their families and their communities. Latoya serves on the leadership board for The Queens Foundation, Inc.; a 501c3 nonprofit that is now statewide serving less privileged middle and high school girls to prepare them for higher education and leadership. The founder and executive director is Nadia Shirin Moffett, Former Miss North Carolina USA 2010.

Latoya has been employed at Bank of America for 7 years, as a business analyst. Latoya is part of two employee network groups at Bank of America. She is a member of two employee network groups, Leadership Education Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for Women and the Triad Black Professional’s Group. Latoya is a recent kidney donor and an advocate for Kidney Awareness. In her spare time, Latoya enjoys volunteering, shopping, writing and social media.

Latoya is currently publishing her first book “Her Interrupted Virginity”.  The purpose of her book is to help women who were a victim of child sexual abuse overcome the effects it has on their decision making as an adult by applying spiritual principles. Latoya is a firm believer that it is her responsibility to give back to her community. Her favorite quote is by Robert Frost, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Gabrielle J. Jordan


Gabrielle has her is B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. She graduated from NC A&T SU and is working as a mechanical engineer in Winston-Salem, NC. Gabrielle dreams of reaching out to as many women as she can to get them involved and excited about all things engineering. Engineering is not just for men! Women can have terrific careers in engineering and fun too! Never give up on what you want and always work hard to get it. All your work will pay off in the end.

 Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.


I was born in a rural, dairy community in Upstate New York. I have taken an unexpected trip through a variety of careers over my lifetime. The one theme that has stayed consistent is that my jobs have related to growing plants in one way or another. As a non-traditional student, I went from having no college degree to a Ph.D. from Cornell University in five years. I have demonstrated that perseverance and faith can move mountains. I now live in a small cabin in rural Montana. I am a mother, a Montana State University Associate Professor, an author and the local expert on specialty crops. My life is continually changing and becoming more and more exciting. We are all sisters. We can help each other along the way and hold the light when we are needed. We take turns being the guide and being the follower.

I have not taken the easy road. I have not let society dictate my future. I have paid the price in smiles and tears. I tell you my story to give you permission to find your own way. Love your unique perspective in the world. Know that you can find a path to your dreams. I am not going to let someone restrict my imaginings because of my age, or finances or location. I dare to continue striving and becoming all that I can be. Take my hand and join me. Finally, I am delighted to announce the publication of my new book Bedtime Stories for Grownups to be published in 2015. More information on the book is available at my website

  Christine A. Moore 


Who am I? Personally – Eldest daughter to Herman & Erica Moore, number three of six grandchildren to Edna Marnock, sister to Dianne Moore Matthews, auntie extraordinaire to Alex and Declan, born in Jamaica, West Indies, godmother to Andrew, Nikko, Axkel, friend to several, acquaintance to many.  Professionally – former executive assistant, former Assistant Vice President at a prominent pension consulting firm, currently co-owner of a corporate event planning firm. Most importantly, by the grace of God, a daily work in progress to be the woman he wants me to be.

Molly L.  Nece

molly red head shot

Molly has enjoyed working in higher education for over 15 years as a motivating speaker, trainer, coach, consultant, and author.  She has recently joined UNCW as the Human Resources’ Professional Development Coordinator. Her degrees in psychology and education, with certificates in mediation and lean six sigma, and a masters in training and organizational development has equipped Molly to help others achieve their goals and build meaningful relationships and satisfying careers. Her passions and areas of interest are in leadership, interpersonal communication, productivity, and stress management.  In her private practice, she is able to train, coach, and consult people in business, education, and churches to create their best life.

Clare Novak


“Born and raised in Middletown, Pennsylvania, I remembered the words of a high school classmate as I stood in the US immigration line after the flight from Islamabad.  She said, ‘We always knew you wouldn’t stay here.’ When those words were spoken at my 20th class reunion, I had not yet been to even half of the countries now on my travel list. Discovering that I felt more at home in Budapest than Prague, while loving them both, was still in my future. Having dinner with friends at their Kuwaiti desert camp and working Pakistan were still in a future that I could never have imagined as a kid growing up in Middletown.  My own life gives me a sense of wonder. Calling my career path ‘unexpected’ seems like an understatement ”

Clare Novak is an award-winning international executive coach and leadership development consultant with over a 25-year history of client success. She recently completed two years’ work on a USAID project in Pakistan, as well as having worked in Egypt, Kuwait, Canada and Ukraine. Her unique experience as a woman in traditionally male industries lends a unique perspective when she works with women in leadership. She recently earned her coaching certification for StrengthsFinder® from the Gallup organization.

Ms. Novak is also a sought after speaker and author. She has spoken for international conferences and has numerous publications, including two books, Never Rule Without a Magician, a Sage and a Fool and EBIT-Duh!© Finance for the HR Professional.

 Victoria N. Scott

HB116-1.Victoria Use

Victoria N. Scott’s professional career has been in and around the health insurance industry.  In October, 2010, she chose to return to the insurance industry.  With the encouragement and support of industry leaders, she weaves her long years in the insurance industry with her image, design, and branding business.  As she has been quick to say, “The insurance industry provides the financial means for me to live my life fully and to enjoy my passion for fashion and design.”

   Tina Ketchie Stearns

Go Free Color.Tina

Tina Ketchie Stearns invented Go Free® Pants, a pant designed by a woman specifically for women. The patent-pending design came to her the year she turned 50 years old.  Ketchie Stearns is currently working on a second patent-pending design focused solely on the health benefits of the design and hopes to get approval to do a test with both men and women in the military who often suffer from skin irritations and infections.  The military line is called GOFREEDOM™.  Ketchie Stearns is a single mom whose son, Alex, is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC , she worked in the travel industry for over 20 years , has lived in Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago and DC, and returned to Winston-Salem in 2003.  She graduated from East Carolina in 1979 with a degree in business, and received an MBA from Wake Forest University in 1988.

Marviette Jefferson Usher

Lady Usher

Marviette Jefferson was born on August 18, 1970, to Edward and Marvia Jefferson in Houston, Texas. She graduated, with honors, from Barbara Jordan High School for Vocational Careers in Houston in 1988; and on May 20, 1995, she received a Bachelors of Business Administration, with a concentration in Computer Information Systems, from University of Houston-Downtown. She is married to Dr. Patrick L. Usher, Sr., the pastor of Ishi Pentecostal Temple, and they have a son, Patrick, II. From early adulthood and until now, Marviette has always been very active in her church, state and Christian endeavors. She has received many awards and commen-dations from her previous church in Houston, various state level organizations, as well as her accomplishments in high school and in college.

Marviette’s desire to become an entrepreneur came to fruition in 1998 when she be-came an Independent Computer Programming Consultant and she is currently provid-ing consulting services to Chevron Corporation in Houston. She then established EBD Fortunes, LLC and this venture was expanded in 2001 by the addition of a Fashion De-sign & Clientele Shopping Division. The expanded company allows her to not only de-sign; but, allows her to help others define and enhance their own unique fashion statement. To become better equipped to help her clients, Marviette took classes in the Fashion Design/Image Consultant Program at Houston Community College.

The Lady Marviette Jefferson Usher has been very busy since her arrival in Winston- Salem, North Carolina, on July 21, 2004. Just recently, in March 2014, Marviette was awarded the Outstanding Women Leaders Award by the City of Winston Salem, North Carolina. She has proven to be a Phenomenal Woman indeed and has earned the love, respect and admiration of the members of her church and the community! Professionally, she is a member of the National Association of Professional Women; Piedmont Club’s Women Forum, Piedmont Club’s Business Exchange; The Think Tank for Business Women; and Toastmaster’s International.

 Dana Winner

Dana headshot.Best

The inseparable seeds of “ars” and arts were sown early in my life. Singing and church worship was something I heard from the womb. However, even as I was born in 1953, a new thing called “data processing” arrived on the world scene. The Computer entered my life by the mid-50’s when my Dad was recruited into the early computer programmer/analyst field. By age 19, I was a computer programmer, and at the same time, a pioneer in something that later was called Contemporary Christian Music (CCM). I started both “careers” in London in 1971, and have engaged in both, in UK, USA and the Middle East. I own my own knowledge, Information and IT Management Business that operates in Washington DC and in the Middle East. I am involved in Muslim-Christian bridge-building and preparing to become a Licensed Leader in the Worldwide Anglican Communion in 2015.

 Melissa Wittner


Melissa is currently a Vice President of Information Technology at a medium sized firm.  She is responsible for managing all IT operations and software development for a large division of the company.  Prior to this position, Melissa served as Vice President of Consulting for a Microsoft Gold Certified partner.   Melissa is also the owner of a software development firm that produces commercial software for both businesses and individuals. Melissa is active in the community with a passion for Women in Technology and STEM programs.  Melissa holds a PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, along with several Microsoft programming certifications.   She holds a Master of Science in Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh, with a Bachelors of Science from The Pennsylvania State University.