Molly L. Nece

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 START NOW: Four Undeniable Laws to Being What You Want to Become

“We all have been told life is full of opportunity. It is what we do today that matters tomorrow.  Your pathway is unexpected, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be signs along the way.  Keep your eyes wide open, heart pumping, and mind growing. We’ve all won the lottery of life. It’s up to us how we are going to spend it!” Molly L. Nece

The first law to being what you want to become is to “build your legacy.”  That doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens one day at a time—one success, one setback at a time.  The most important part is to keep on building.  The second law is to “live out the 5 P Philosophy.”  When I developed this mental attitude framework I knew I needed to stick to my principles, identify my passions, align myself with the right people, and persist, I knew that peace would be right around the corner. It became my own personal holy grail of personal and professional development.  The third law is “be your brand.”  Whether you like it or not, you are creating your brand daily – some good, some bad.  The expression of always acting as if you are on stage is one that I strive for each day.  After all, it’s the one thing that is 100% in your control.  What you say on the outside comes from what is on the inside and vice versa.  Maintaining a balance can be tricky, but gaining the awareness is golden.  It’s what you do with the awareness that matters the most.  Lastly, the final law is “clear your clutter.”  It’s hard to drive a car when your windshield is covered in mud.  It’s the same thing in life.  If we clutter our mind with untruths, all you will attract are more lies. You need to seek the truth tellers—not just those who feel that it is their right to tell you what they think.  Forgiving and accepting is also a part of the process.  Living a life of regrets and allowing others to hold you down sets you up for failure.  Accept that you may have failed, but that doesn’t make you a failure.