Marviette Jefferson Usher

Lady Usher

An Intentional Career and an Unexpected Life

               “There’s greater in you and you were made for more.”             Marviette Jefferson Usher

I have never thought of my career journey as ‘unexpected.” In fact, quite the opposite, I have always been, even now in the midst of a career modification, very intentional and planful about my career pathway, yet despite my solid planning and expectation of great success, my life journey offered modifications to my initial intentions and thrust me into unanticipated, yet important life phases.

As a young lady, I often thought about what I would like my life to look like when I grew up. During that time, I began to focus on the greater in us.  This mindset was a result of often hearing family express that each generation should do better than the prior generation.  As I grew up, I was also taught that God desires us to live abundant lives. I resolved this to mean He had things in store for me to do and to experience far greater than what I could presently see or imagine.  Simply put “greater” means the special assignment on my life is bigger than me.  This concept has been the foundation for every phase of both my career and spiritual life’s journey.

You were made for more” resulted from the thought that God would do exceedingly and abundantly more than I could ask or even think.  I remember that the first promotion and raise in my IT job  totally blew my mind and proved to me that God had more in store for me.  After achieving several financial levels of satisfaction “there comes a level of maturity and growth that causes you to seek for much more in life which is a fulfillment that doesn’t come from money,” as Mr. Dwight Williams said to me many times.  As a result of this maturity, I often express “I must give of myself to enrich someone else!”

I have always believed that I was destined to be a successful career woman. I have always been passionate both about my primary job as a computer programmer/software developer and my love for fashion, which ultimately manifested itself into a fashion design business and also into my current quest to become a National Sales Director for Mary Kay. I am now in the process of transition out of the information technology industry into the business of fashion, faith, and impacting the lives of women.