Kelly J. Jimenez



Overcoming Life’s Obstacles  

“We all go down our own pathways. All of our paths differ whether they include speed bumps, caution signs, forks in the road, steep hills, or nice, straight, scenic roadways that last for years. Wherever your path may lead you, it is how you approach and how you embrace your journey good or bad that makes all the difference. Your ability to be resilient in the face of challenge makes you stronger and more knowledgeable. Your resilience and strength will be inspiring.”  Kelly Abeyta Jimenez

It was very tough growing up in a single family home, especially because it was my father who was left with 3 young children.  In fact, seeing all the struggles and sacrifices that my father went through to make sure we all had a roof over our heads and food to eat made a big impact on me. While my mother left for her reasons, I didn’t understand – I was only 5 years old. I felt abandoned. My mother’s leaving, affected me so much that I swore if I ever had children that I would do my best to always make sure they felt loved, wanted and special.

Yes, I did get pregnant at 17 and the world told me that I would never amount to anything. But … we had been together for over 3 years. I believed – I wanted to believe – what my daughter’s father told me – that he loved me.  While I have always trusted my grandmother’s beliefs, “Boys can tell you anything, that they love you and that you are the one, but once they get what they want they can leave you. You need to save yourself and make sure it is the right one.” But … he said he LOVED me. I quickly learned not to listen to “the guy” but to listen to myself – I heeded my grandmother’s wisdom.

I also learned that you need to take care of yourself and your family by working very hard to support them, to have a home, a reliable car, food, and clothing. You must also share lots of love.  After my daughter was born, I made sure that even though I worked very long hours in two jobs, I still made time to watch my daughter’s games, talent shows and to attend field trips. It was a rare occasion that I missed anything that was important to her.  It was very important to have that special time with my child. It was also important to have a successful career. I worked hard to create opportunities in the workforce and I was successful in creating a life for my daughter and for me.

My life career/life journey has had its challenges. I have lived in great homes, but I have also lived in the ghettos of Colfax, Colorado, where there were shootings every day.  I have been scared, hungry, exhausted, beaten up, heartbroken, disappointed – you name it – I have been through it, done it and or felt it.  Life is tough and not everyone has a family that has money or the means to support you or get you out of trouble.  Thankfully, I did have family and friends who have helped me throughout my life time, if I asked for help.  But being stubborn and prideful, normally did not ask. I counted on me and me alone if I wanted to get things done.

My life and career have always been about the will to do better, to live better and to have a better life for myself and my family. I take it upon myself to always help out whenever I can.  Over the years, my family has looked to me for strength, love and support, because I have always offered to help in any way that I could.   I would sacrifice anything for my family because I love them so much. When people think of success they always think lots of money, well that may be true for some, but when you come from nothing and you make a better life for yourself and your family – you are a success. I may not be rich or have lots of money, but I have learned from my mistakes, I have integrity, and I continue to help out the family when I can.