Tina Ketchie Stearns

Go Free Color.Tina

The Universe Will Conspire to Yelp You When Your Purpose is Pure!

“Pay attention to what your heart and your gut are telling you to do, and have the courage to act on the things God has placed in your heart.  Pray often, accept help and support from the people God will place in your life – (they are not there by accident!), and push fear behind you so nothing stops you from reaching your destiny.” Tina Ketchie Stearns

While watching the Today Show one morning shortly after Britney Spears was caught getting out of a taxi with no underwear, they had a female doctor on talking about women’s health issues, head to toe. When the conversation turned to bladder/yeast infections women suffer from, the doctor said, “Britney had it right!  Less is better for women!”  That led to a conversation with my monthly Girls Night Out group, and I found out several of my friends did not wear underwear!  Several others had worn thongs as a solution to panty lines.  I wore granny pants at the time so I thought my friends had all gone mad!  The thong supporters encouraged me to try a thong, and that lasted about 8 seconds.  I could not get it off fast enough.  They told me I’d get used to it, and I replied, “There is nothing about that I want to get used to!”  Then the no underwear supporters encouraged me to “go commando”.  I tried it with my favorite pair of pants and was actually surprised at how much FUN it was to walk around with no underwear!  It was great not having panty lines; it made me feel sexy – almost like I was doing something a little naughty which was a GREAT feeling!  But the cross seam in traditional pants is in a very bad place – not comfortable at all, and with no underwear, it was really uncomfortable.  That’s when I told myself, “If I’m going to go with no underwear that cross seam has to go!”  That’s when the idea for Go Free Pants came to me.  I replaced the uncomfortable cross seam with a smooth cotton panel sewn directly into the pant, making undergarments optional.  If she chooses to wear an undergarment, this pant is extremely comfortable because the cross seam is gone. BUT if she chooses not to wear an undergarment, she is not only comfortable but has solved the panty line problem and will enjoy a wonderful sexy feeling that this new design provides.