Mary Ann Hauser

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Make Your Passion Your Paycheck!

 “No one will ever walk in my exact footsteps, but it may inspire women to be sure to follow their path with determination and in an intentional way. Doing what you love, you will always be on the right path.”                      Mary Ann Hauser

I often wonder about the legacy of my family before me. How much of what they were formed who I am today.  What does wonder mean?  For me it is the conversation that I have with myself.  You know that voice in your head that you reason with and share your fears with, the one who can make you panic or celebrate your successes with you.

I know that my family had influence. We have all looked to our extended families and friends and how they are similar and different to our own immediate family life, and I feel like I took the best of what I could from prior generations and from my siblings and friends to create the best me I could be.

Asked to write my story so that I might inspire others is a more difficult task that I initially thought it would be. My inspiration for you is not so much about what to do, as it is about who we are and what we think, our mindset.  Once in the right frame of mind, we can accomplish anything.  And when we are not in a mindset of abundance it is likely that nothing positive can be accomplished.

I own two business. A business coaching firm where we teach owners and corporate leaders how to get more time, better teams in their companies and more money on their bottom-line. I also own a small farm in the Virginia mountains where we grow Black Perigord Truffles and we also are working on production of vermicompost as a way to provide additional income well into our retirement.

Pretty weird for me to think that I don’t have a job. I work doing what I’m passionate about. I got here through example from my family, the counsel that I’ve received from a few smart mentors and the counsel that I’ve received from that “little voice in my head.”

Opening up to the abundance that life has to offer starts internally, with the little voice in our head. Yes, you can admit that too have conversations with yourself in your head all the time!  I used to think I was crazy talking to myself silently and slowly. I’ve spoken, counseled, and shared a glass of wine with a friends and clients who have all admitted that that voice in their head, when they let it get control, can ruin or make a situation. So don’t let that little voice in your head tell you lies, feed it positive dialog and your life takes a positive turn!

My story is about how important planning is when getting to where you want to go. Planning is critical, but flexibility is also really important.  Plans often get knocked off course, because life happens, death happens, illness happens, equally important, opportunity happens, birth happens, success (even unplanned success) happens.  But you can’t just wait for it to happen, you need a plan to guide you towards it or you might miss it.

Each and every day of my life has played a role in getting me to where I am now, but the purposeful direction I began to take in my 50’s has been profound in the way that it fulfills me. Knowing that I can bring peace to the leaders of businesses who question their direction, and their ability not only makes a difference for that business leader, but it improved the lives of their staff and their community as well.

Life still throws challenges at us every day and it still amazes me to see the power of the mind and how you can train it to accept the abundance that life has in store for us.

I now am a teacher and coach, sharing the message of abundance through the importance of dreaming, goal setting, planning and most importantly taking action. I hope that my legacy will center on living a life of peace, the importance of remaining positive, dreaming and then going for it.