Linda Eisenstein


I AM living the Adventure of a Lifetime, and so are you …You just don’t know it yet!

“We have the power to change our lives for the better. That’s the good news. The bad news is, we also have the power to change our lives for the worst.” Linda Eisenstein

Friedrich Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

It wasn’t until Linda Eisenstein lost her daughter Chrissy in a tragic car accident five years ago, that she realized the meaning of this quote. Chrissy was a genuine free spirit who wasn’t held down and molded into something that she didn’t want to be. For her, every day was an adventure. Linda began honoring her daughter’s legacy by enjoying every moment of her life, just being herself.

She took a deep look inside her heart. What she found was a giant hole that she decided to fill with her passion for fashion. Fashion had always remained foremost in Linda’s Dreams. So gladly, she put on her big girls shoes (she really loves shoes) and started her own fashion business, called Clothes Befitting, where she partners with women from around the world to help them find trendy fashions that are just right for their very own body type and style.

Linda gets up each morning with a smile on her face and a heart full of wonder for her next adventure. Because … 5 years ago, SHE had a Dream.

It all started in the 60’s, the decade of the revolution – sexual, social and fashion. The 60’s were very exciting times for me. I remember lying on my purple shag carpet and hungrily devouring every current fashion magazine – Vogue and Seventeen – and every fashion catalog – Sears and Montgomery Ward. All the while, I was listening to The Beatles on my “Hi Fi.” I dreamt of the day that I would be rocking my perfectly shaped 34-24-34 body with those beautiful fashions.

However, in those days I was a “chubette.” In fact, I have struggled most of my life to attain the perfect body. As a child, I was made fun of because I didn’t fit into the fashion mold, which has always been a major flaw in the fashion world, in my opinion. Girls are pressured daily to feel like they have to live up to the ridiculous standards, set by the fashion industry. Every day girls are barraged with magazines, TV, music videos, and internet, filled with images and words that leave many spending their lives trying to attain the ideal body.

Not surprisingly, I never attained, what I thought should be, my perfect measurements. Very few do. My legs are too big, and my bust is too small… according to the fashion industry, at least. Then one day, I was struck by an epiphany that rocked my world … We are all perfect in our own way. I have never felt the same about my body again!

My most challenging and loved life adventure has been the transformation from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur of my own company. Fulfilling a life-long dream of being an integral part of the fashion industry, makes me able to significantly improve women’s lives by helping them find their true beauty.  I love being part of a generation that is helping to break the fashion mold, to help women find their true beauty, and to wear clothing that suits their body and style perfectly to make them look and feel fabulous.

Know that you are special – there never was and never will be another you, so rock on dear lady!