Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.


Life through Pat’s Eyes

“Never let anyone tell you that you are not worthy, not smart enough, too old or lack courage. Go for it!” Patricia McGlynn, Ph.D.

We all face adversities and challenges. Some prefer to hang onto their problems and blame the world for their situation and some keep moving forward. I feel this is what defines our character. Are we able to dig down and find the courage, the faith, the strength to stay on our path? Even when we don’t know where the path is leading or if there even is a path, can we keep our feet moving?

I am an average person. I am not a millionaire or found the answer to life’s mysteries. I grew up in a little, farm town with my own personal obstacles.  I refused to give up.  I have never taken “no” for an answer. I have found an alternative route. In academics, they call that “non-traditional.” Yes, that definitely describes me, non-traditional.

I have had a fascinating life filled with adventure, pitfalls and accomplishments. I’ve traveled from no college to associate professor at a university in a few short years. My chapter will provide the reader with an extremely brief example of my ability to continue seeking and discovering an open door of opportunity no matter how long it takes or how impossible the situation may seem. I have refused to be held back by my past experiences. Every day is fresh and a chance to make my life even better.

My careers are ever evolving. I was the owner/partner in a garden center landscape business for over 20 years. I was the director of a not for profit that took agriculture education to urban school children for seven years.  When my children were young, I worked evenings as a medical transcriptionist. I worked in the elementary school as a teacher’s aide when they were students. After I turned 40, I went to college. My life took a real tangent when I packed up and moved to Montana, once my girls were in college. I have been an extension agent and professor for the past six years. During my stint out west, I have been writing stories for a magazine and a blog. My next venture is to publish a book or two.

I had some low points but I am here to tell you that you can always get up. Even when you pray the sun doesn’t rise or you won’t wake up, you will be ok. Somehow if you try, you can see the good in people. You can take the lesson and incorporate it into your tapestry of who you are. You aren’t the first to feel the way you do and you will not be the last. Get through it so you can turn around and give the next lady behind you the hand that she needs to get off her knees and try again.

The sun is shining behind the clouds. Go find it.