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Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce

By Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morrris



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“The Journey to Unexpected Pathways: Fearless … Moving on with Hope, Courage and Informed Spontaneity.”

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Review of Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce


We were thrilled to receive Don Masura’s review of Unexpected Pathways and are pleased to share it with you! We are honored that our book has inspired many of Don’s clients. Many thanks, Don!

August 22, 2017

Dear Anne,

When you first started to gather the material for your book I was on the outside of this adventure. After all, what’s a guy going to do with a book on women for women? Well, when the book became a reality and you hosted your initial celebration and book signing with several of the contributing segment authors, I attended like any good friend would do. What I experienced from there was a special experience. The guest I brought to the program bought your book. As she left she only got as far as the parking structure before she started reading it. She had met Victoria Scott and there was an unspoken connection. As she sat in her car in the dark of the parking garage she read Victoria’s segment and wept because Victoria’s story was her story. I imagine this experience has been repeated hundreds of times as women read your book and find a perspective, a connection, that is personal to them.

When I read your book I did not expect to make a connection. I was expecting a collection of stories about women who had overcome some special trial or pain in their lives to eventually succeed. While this did occur, I did not feel this was the intent of the book. Instead, as I read and added my own notes to your summary notes and the comments by the authors I witnessed a collection of personal journeys that wove a fabric of real life. A tapestry that is special to women, granting them perspectives on life just like the color bands that make up a rainbow. These were stories that never make it to TV because they are personal. They reflect real life….life that is painful and joyous, challenging and disappointing, confusing, and courageous and all the other emotions that go into a personal story.

In my work as the Lead Consultant in my company, The Threshold Performance Group, I often provide mentoring and coaching to women. About two years ago I decided to use your book as a regular part of my sessions with two managers that I was preparing for promotion to executive corporate positions. We worked together over 18 months. At the end of each of our segments we closed with separate time to reflect on the passages in your book. It was very effective in their growth journey and a key part in my success in working with them. Enough so that I recommend that other mentors or coaches use your book in their unique lesson plans. The varied outcomes are as separate as the individual stories within the book. It worked well for me and I think the options for expanded growth and learning are exciting.

Thank you for making your dream a reality and providing both women and men with a valuable tool for reflection and growth.

My best,


Don Masura

Founder/ Lead Consultant

The Threshold Performance Group



Unexpected Pathways: The Journeys of Women in the Workforce presents stories about the career pathways of twenty-three multi-generational women representing diverse occupations, experiences, and backgrounds. The stories reflect the stories of many women, expressing the intimate connection between one’s career pathway and life journey. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of determination and perseverance – courage and resilience. Unexpected Pathways shares stories of greatness and fragility – survival and victory! And in the context of the career-life journey, Unexpected Pathways shares stories of healing and love. The stories and the five inspired lessons offered by the chapter authors, encourage hope and inspiration to women present and future.








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Sample Chapter — Legacy of Six

Enjoy reading a preview of Anne’s upcoming book, Living Legacies … Inspire the Future! The Legacy of Six,  first appeared in 2010, as a chapter in Sunshine Sisters: A Celebration of Legacies written by Molly (  The Legacy of Six will soon be transformed into an inspirational book written by Anne Sourbeer Morris. For more information, contact Anne at

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Exploring Career and Technical Educator’s Attitudes

Dr. Sourbeer Morris completed her five-year doctoral journey in 2011, with the publication of the dissertation Exploring Career and Technical Educator’s Attitudes: The Participation of Girls in Nontraditional Programs of Study. The Executive Summary provides an overview of the research.  For additional information contact Anne at

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Look here for inspiring articles in the coming months!

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Dr. Anne’s Poets Corner

Courage Lies In The Heart

Anne Sourbeer Morris (1992)

  As I encourage my child to PURSUE new ventures,

I give her the COURAGE to risk failure;

To fall to the ground and to fly again.

As I encourage my child to LEARN that which is new,

I give her the COURAGE to be open to new ideas;

To see the beauty in a world of diversity.

As I encourage my child to EXPLORE the unknown,

I give her the COURAGE to challenge herself;

To do what she has never done before.

 As I encourage my child to THINK for herself,

I give her the COURAGE to grow;

To find the strength to stand behind her beliefs.

 As I encourage my child to FOLLOW her dreams,

I give her the COURAGE to know what’s in her

heart and to soar!

To love life.

Written for Ami Hunter Morris. Published with Ami’s permission.

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