Angela Lynn Jackson Howard


Angela Howard The FatFighter

Caring is a Pathway

“The only way to truly care for others is to take time to care for yourself. No one else can care about you, unless you learn to care for yourself.  Caring is not what happened to you in the past, caring is a path!”                   Angela Lynn Jackson Howard

I am a product of so many amazing women who have helped me become the woman I am.  Some of these women have planted, others have watered, some have tilled and trimmed and a few even pulled up the weeds that have attacked me.   The running and tending was not always appreciated, because it is painful to lose leaves and branches, even if they are broken and sapping away your energy. Great gardeners are givers that don’t always get to taste the fruit of their labor, but still trust that it will be plentiful and provide nutrition to others.  This chapter entails the love and care the women in my family gave to protect me and to produce the women I am today.  My sincere desire is that these experiences will enrich you and give you strength to continue your journey, whether you expect it or not.